Action Adventure Story Telling Dance Classes in Philadelphia, PA




ZoomDance birthday parties are completely unique, lots of fun, and sure to be remembered for years to come! Your child chooses their favorite book and we’ll custom design a themed party adventure around that story. The party is very high energy with lots of dancing, creative games and imagination. Parents generally schedule a 2 hour party, and ZoomDance will entertain the kids for about 80-90 minutes of that.  Then they have time for food & cake, which you provide, as well as decorations & paper goods

Our parties are great for kids 2-8 years old, and we can accommodate mixed-age groups.

Email for availability and more information

Locations & Pricing

We have partnered with Equilibrium Dance Studio to host parties, making your day run smoothly and easily! Or, we can come to you at a venue of your choosing or your home or a park. Pricing varies depending on location.

Equilibrium Dance Studio: 1802 S. Broad Street
$330 for up to 12 kids, $395 for up to 25 kids
This includes 3 hours of studio time, tables, chairs, music, equipment, and activities.
$50 more if you want us to handle setup and cleanup for you.

Or we can come to a location of your choosing:
$180 for up to 12 kids, $245 for up to 25 kids
We bring all the supplies we need for our activities, including speakers and music. Our events can work well in dance or yoga studios, event rooms in restaurants, community centers, outdoor parks, or your home. If we travel 30 minutes or more from our office in South Philly, there is a $30 travel fee.

 My son’s ZoomDance birthday party was a HUGE success!  I was amazed by how long the kids were engaged — no small feat for a big group of 3 year olds!  Sarah’s energy, enthusiasm and creativity are wonderful.  We were especially impressed that Sarah designed a new program around my son’s favorite book just for us.

My son loved the party so much he told us he wants to live at ZoomDance!

— Mia, a very happy ZoomDance mom


Let us entertain the kids

Are you hosting a party? Let ZoomDance send in an expert kid-entertainer to keep the kids busy and having a great time while you hang out with your guests. We can accommodate groups of anywhere from 4 to 25 kids, depending on your space, and can provide 45 minutes to 2 hours of worry-free distraction time.

Email or give us a call at 215.326.9613 for more information and to talk about the details of your particular event.