Action Adventure Story Telling Dance Classes in Philadelphia, PA



Beginner ZoomDance

This is a high energy class of dance, music, story-telling, imagination and fun! Over the course of the session, children will develop agility, coordination, rhythm, and balance through a dynamic range of actions. There is an emphasis on creativity and building confidence through songs, stories, and performance.

Each week we’ll read a new story and then explore the movement and adventures of the characters. Kids have the opportunity to show off their favorite moves, invent characters, and try lots of new movement ideas. Grown-ups are encouraged to participate in this class with their small dancers.

Intermediate ZoomDance

This class has the same essence as the younger ZoomDance class, with lots of energy and focus on exploring new ideas. We will start to push the edges of dancing the spectrum from wild abandon to careful details.

In addition to learning trickier “moves”, we will start thinking of phrases and dances instead of only individual moves, and students will perform for each other in class. When acting out the story, our teachers will encourage students to offer their own ideas too. Grown-ups drop off their dancers for this one, and are invited in on the last day to see what we’ve been working on.


An engaging, active, adventurous beginner ballet class to help young dancers discover the joy in dancing. We will work on ballet moves in a less rigid format than standard ballet classes. Focus will be on integrating ballet moves into whole-body dances and improvisations. Costumes are encouraged, but no specific attire is necessary. Ballerinas, tigers, princesses, superheroes, everyone is welcome!

Action Techniques

This innovative class is perfect for kids who love moving around and want a dynamic alternative to classical dance class. We will work on unique dance sequences full of energy and spontaneity, as well as detail in gesture. We will introduce acrobatics, partnering and choreographic techniques: investigating space, performance, interacting with a group, and composing your own dances.

This class is not seeking perfect alignment and pointed toes, but rather fostering joy and curiosity in dance and building skills to manipulate qualities, dynamics, and rhythm in performance. Grown-ups get to leave during this class, but we’ll invite you in for a show the last class of the session.


5-7 years old

Winter Session: January 10 – March 3

These are our public classes open to anyone!


ZoomDance 1.5-3 years
Thursday, 10:30-11:15AM
Major Moment, 1624 South Street

$125 / 8-Week Semester



ZoomDance 2-5 years
Sundays, 4-4:45PM
University City Arts League, 4226 Spruce Street

$125 / 8-Week Semester


ZoomDance at Bache-Martin:
Jan 10 – Feb 28

This class is for children attending Bache-Martin.

Thursdays, 3-4pm

$61 / 8-Week Semester



ZoomDance at My Bright Beginnings:
Jan 22 – March 12

This club is for children attending My Bright Beginnings.

Tuesdays, 4:30-5pm

$120 / 8-Week Semester



Coming Soon!

TWO ZoomDance classes for ages 1.5-3 and 3-5 yrs!
Kith+Kin Playspace in Brewerytown, coming in March.


We’re paring back our public classes to offer more programs at schools, preschools, and daycares. Reach out to us if you want to connect us to your school!

We can also open more classes through an on-demand system in any neighborhood. If you have a group who wants another class option, let’s make it happen!



“I love my dance class. There is dancing and two soccer goals and the moon and the stars.”

— Ellis, age 5  1/2